Welcome to the Open Science Shop Newsletter

Welcome to the Open Science Shop Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the Open Science Shop Newsletter!

We are excited to be launching a newsletter for the Open Science Hardware community covering all things related to running an open hardware science business. Each newsletter will focus on a specific topic or resource and will also offer opportunities for Open Science Shop members to promote their open hardware products.

We are inviting you to contribute to the Newsletter! If you are interested in contributing a post, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch. Some posts we are particularly interested in featuring include:

  • Product Posts: Tell us about your open science hardware product so we can drive more leads your way
  • Development Posts: Share about a product that is in development so we can support it when it launches
  • Educational Resources: These could be blog posts on any general topic around running an open hardware business. Could include tools for designing, documentation, tips for manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer support and more
  • Stories: Interview or write about someone in the open science hardware commercialization space; Share about how you are using open science hardware products in your work
  • Reposts: If you already have a published blog or post you think fits in the above categories, we would be interested in sharing it to the Open Science Shop community

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Join the Open Science Shop Community

In addition to the Newsletter, we have some more opportunities to get involved with Open Science Shop:

  • Slack: Networking space for open hardware product developers. A place to ask questions and offer support to other members, maybe even develop partnerships. Fill out the form above to request an email invite to the Slack.
  • Find us on the GOSH Forum
  • Social media: Instagram and Twitter(X)
  • Contact Us: Linktr.ee Interest Form
  • Share this email! We would appreciate it if you could take a minute to share this email with your network so we can continue to grow the Open Science Shop community.
About Open Science Shop: We are a collective of open science hardware manufacturers, businesses, developers and advocates who have a shared interest in making it easy to find affordable, customizable, open source instruments for science. Our goal is to grow the community to support distributed manufacturing and sales of open hardware science instruments. 

About the author: Jo Long is a member of Open Science Shop and co-founder of IO Rodeo, an open hardware company based in Pasadena, California. They have been developing, manufacturing and selling and supporting tools for science research and education since 2010.