New Product: UV Open Colorimeter

IO Rodeo announces their new product, the UV Open Colorimeter.

New Product: UV Open Colorimeter
This post was originally written by Joanne Long and published on the IO Rodeo blog.

Over the last several months we have been busy developing and testing a UV version of our Open Colorimeter. The new UV Open Colorimeter is now available for purchase on our online store. The UV Colorimeter has the same type of measurement capabilities as the Open Colorimeter but is specifically designed for applications requiring UV light absorbance measurements.

UV Open Colorimeter with an UltraMicro UV Cuvette

The UV Open Colorimeter light sensor board is the AS3771 UV Sensor Board which we described in previous posts. With this UV sensor, users can select between three measurement channels: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

Image of AS7331 UV Sensor Board used in the UV Open Colorimeter

We have also developed a series of accompanying UV LED boards for this version of the Open Colorimeter. We currently have six different UV wavelength options available.

Spectrodata for the UV LEDs
Image of 275nm UV LED used in the UV Open Colorimeter

These light wavelengths can be used to study both UV absorbance by proteins and other molecules, as well as used to excite fluorescence. In the tutorial linked below, we used the 275 nm LED and the UV Open Colorimeter UV-C channel to measure absorbance of the standard protein, bovine serum albumin (BSA). We can see a linear relationship between light absorbance and BSA concentration in the Figure below. From our data we also calculated the molar extinction coefficient of BSA with the UV Open Colorimeter.

Protein Quantification with the UV Open Colorimeter
In this tutorial we are using the new UV Open Colorimeter for A280 protein quantification measurements using a UV sensor and 270-280 nm UV LED Background Protein concentration is an extremely useful and routine measurement in science with a wide variety of applications in biochemistry, molecular biology, environmental and biomedical

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More details are in the Open Colorimeter Product Guide. We recommend starting with the page linked below.

Open Colorimeter Product Line Overview
There are several versions of the Open Colorimeter available. The main differences between them are the light sensor used and it’s positioning in respect to the LED light source. The LED light source is also highly customizable. We have a wide-selection of LED wavelengths in the UV, visible and IR

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